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MFT Storage Appliances and Servers

MFT can be utilized in any Windows or Linux server, or in any storage appliance that supports these operating systems. Thus, you can use your own brand preferences, including Dell, IBM, and HP. Similarly, a number of our licensees make finished appliances and servers complete with MFT technology. But if you are looking for a single source solution from us, we do manufacture appliance chassis for our customers. The appliances shown here are basic computers, as specified, and require the addition of drives, software licenses and drives. They also generally need the network cards shown at the bottom of this page. MFT appliances come with a standard manufacturer's warranty of one year.

Enterprise Grade Rack Mount Unpopulated MFT based SAN Storage Appliances or Servers
Part Number Product Description Height Drive
Max Gross
SMC-8 Super Micro 1u 8-drive (specification). 1u 2.5" 8 1tb $7,619
SMC-16 Super Micro 2u 16-Drive (specification). 2u 2.5" 16 2tb
SMC-24 Super Micro 2u 24-Drive (specification). 2u 2.5" 24 3tb
SMC-243 Super Micro 4u 24-Drive (specification). 4u 3.5" 24 6tb


Part Number Product Description Price
EXPI9402PT 2-Port Intel PRO/1000 server grade 1-Gigabit iSCSI Adapter. $330
EXPI9404PTL 4-Port Intel PRO/1000 server grade 1-Gigabit iSCSI Adapter. $840
AOC-STG-I2 SuperMicro PCI-e 8x Dual 10GigE iSCSI Adapter. $767
AOC-UG-I4 SuperMicro UIO Quad GigE iSCSI Adapter. $334
AOC-UTG-I2 SuperMicro UIO Dual 10GigE iSCSI Adapter. $583
AOC-NXB-10GCX4 SuperMicro single 10-Gigabit NetXen iSCSI Adapter. $1,400
  Falconstor 1tb environment for use with Fiber channel or Infiniband integration $6,500
All cards for your main server(s) are optional. Customer may buy these from other sources. Customers may also prefer to use an HBA card. HBAs further offload processing from the server CPU, and are especially desirable in environments where CPUs are not under-used.