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Mtron Flash SSD Mtron Flash Solid State Disks:
Superior Performance and Affordable Price

Mtron Flash disk drives read immensely fast. Their random access time is less than half of any other Flash Disk. Similarly, Mtron drives are competitively priced. That's important by itself, because Mtron Drives inherently perform better than 15,000 rpm SAS drives, and are often the fastest drive for a given solution.

But it is even more important with our patent pending Managed Flash Technology (MFT) software which can increase the performance of Mtron drives by significantly more than an order of magnitude, while increasing the random write life of the drive more than 50-fold.

For instance, MFT increases MOBI-1000 performance 60 times, while improving wear 50-fold. And you can get a drive 15 times faster than a 15,000 rpm SAS drive for just $399. The graph below shows just how substantial MFT's performance gain is. Not only does MFT outperform the MOBI but it also dramatically outperforms both an ordinary 7200 rpm disk as well as the fastest 15,000 rpm disks now made. In fact, the Mobi 1000 with MFT is almost like having a 300,000 rpm disk drive! The only things faster than the MOBI-1000 are Mtron's MOBI-3000 and PRO-7000 with MFT.

Mobi 1000 Performance Graph

Similarly, by changing how data is written to flash media, MFT dramatically increases the practical amount of data which can be written to any SSD. The traditional random write method overwrites data and is very inefficient. As little as 2/10% of actual erasing and re-writing is expressed as a new data update. Conversely, MFT's linear method of random writing has a constant efficiency, regardless of data size, which is determined by the amount of free space on the drive - the percentage of space not consumed. The performance shown below, with a write/erase efficiency of 30%, typically occurs when free space averages about 20%. As free space rises, so does the total daily permissible write throughput.

This graph below shows the capacity expectations for the Mobi-1000 which uses Toshiba 10,000 erase cycle MLC Flash memory. Other drives will be different. The important point to remember is that if your daily write consumption is less (the vast majority of servers and workstations overwrite 20% of their surface area or less on a daily basis) then practical life will correspondingly expand. With MFT's fifty-fold practical life expansion, the erase-life of most computers is measured in decades or centuries rather than in months and years.

Mobi 1000 Life