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Mtron MOBI-3000 Series Flash Solid State Disks

Mtron MOBI series Flash SSDs are designed to excel in Mobile applications such as laptop computers.  Featuring a rugged no-moving-parts design encased in a lightweight plastic housing, MOBI drives deliver enterprise performance in a small, lightweight package.  The read performance of Mtron MOBI drives is amazing.  Featuring sustained read rates of 100 Megabytes/sec and random IOPS of > 12,000 with 4K transfers, the MOBI series is one of the fastest SSDs you can buy.  This level of read performance takes the tedium out of computing.  Programs load faster.  Searches finish quicker.  Backups no longer take hours.  Never again will you need to defragment your laptop drive.  With Mtron MOBI at work, any sector on the disk is available in less than 100 microseconds or over 200 times as fast as traditional laptop drives.

When writing, the Mtron MOBI series is also designed for speed.  With sequential write speeds of 80 Megabytes/second you can load large media files quickly.  When randomly writing, MOBI drives write about 115 4k IOs per second. This is faster than a 7200 rpm disk drive, and about four times as fast as a typical SLC Flash Drive, but about a hundred times slower than the same drive used with MFT. From a pure performance perspective, applications that are read intensive will see disk throughput nearly 100x the speed of a typical laptop hard drive.  For update intensive applications, the Mtron MOBI series performs on-par or slightly better than a 15K SCSI drive.

When the MOBI-3000 is wedded with MFT, its performance and projected wear life increase dramatically. MFT improves typical random read and write IOPS performance by 15 times, while enhancing the projected random write life of the product more than 50-fold. This wear improvement is so dramatic that Mtron warrants the MOBI-3000 for server use when used with MFT, but specifically discourages its use in servers when MFT is not present.

Mtron 2.5" MOBI-3000 SATA Drives with 3 Year Warranty
Part Number Product Description Cap
Format Size Flash
MSD-SATA3025-016 MOBI-3000 16gb Flash Disk 16 SATA 2.5" SLC Plastic $287
MSD-SATA3025-032 MOBI-3000 32gb Flash Disk 32 SATA 2.5" SLC Plastic $462
MSD-PATA3025-016 MOBI-3000 16gb Flash Disk 16 PATA 2.5" SLC Plastic $287
MSD-PATA3025-032 MOBI-3000 32gb Flash Disk 32 PATA 2.5" SLC Plastic $462
Important note!!! MOBI drives are not warranted for use in servers except when used with MFT.

Mtron 2.5" MOBI-3000 SATA Drives with 3 Year Warranty and MFT Server Edition
MFT increases MOBI-3000 performance 15-fold and increases wear life more than 50-fold

Part Number Product Description Cap
Format Size Flash
MFTS-SATA3025-016 MOBI-3000 16gb with MFT Server 16 SATA 2.5" SLC Plastic $402
MFTS-SATA3025-032 MOBI-3000 32gb with MFT Server 32 SATA 2.5" SLC Plastic $587
MFTS-PATA3025-016 MOBI-3000 16gb with MFT Server 16 PATA 2.5" SLC Plastic $402
MFTS-PATA3025-032 MOBI-3000 32gb with MFT Server 32 PATA 2.5" SLC Plastic $587

The following graph shows the throughput of the Mobi 3000 drive both as a bare drive, and with the same drive MFT-enabled. 15,000 rpm and 7,200 rpm hard disk performance is shown for comparison purposes. Note how even a Mobi 3000 without MFT outperforms a 15,000 rpm SAS drive.

Mobi 3000 Performance Graph

The following table demonstrates the point that the random read rate of a Mobi-3000 is extremely fast. A 15,000 rpm hard drive performs only about 250 random reads a second, and a 7,200 rpm hard drive only delivers 70. As a result, the Mobi's random read is literally 130 times faster than that of a Laptop hard drive. But the table also shows that the Mobi's native random write capability is literally as much as 80 times slower than its random read. The table also shows how MFT's linear method of random writing improves random write speed almost to the random read rate.

Mtron MOBI-3000 Performance Results
Random Read Tests: Random Write Tests Random Write with MFT
1 Thread 10 Threads 1 Thread 10 Threads 1 Thread 10 Threads
4k 9,784 38.2M 12,319 48.1M 124 493.5K 121 495.5K 13,328 52.0M 14,380 56.2M
8k 7,376 57.6M 8,790 68.6M 125 996.7K 124 994.3K 7,103 55.5M 7,747 60.5M
16k 4,806 75.1M 5,392 84.2M 119 1932.7k 119 2.0M 3,815 59.5M 3,996 62.4M
32k 2,836 88.6M 3,040 95.0M 119 3.9M 124 3.9M 1,980 61.9M 2,016 63.0M
64k 1,559 97.4M 1,624 101.5M 117 7.6M 124 7.7M 991 61.9M 992 65.0M
256k 406 101.6M 410 102.7M 97 25.0K     249 62.2M 272 68.0M
1mb 103 103.3M 103 113.8M 63 70.5M     62 62.3M    
Aggregate IOPS without MFT 392 Higher is better. A single 15,000 rpm SAS drive has a value of 250, and a 7,200 rpm SATA drive rates at 70. Click here for explanation of calculation methodology.
Aggregate IOPS with MFT 6,018
MFT Overall Performance Multiplier 15

The following graph shows the projected daily erase life capability based upon data size written. Clearly, when MFT enabled, the Mobi-3000 with SLC media can accept more than fifteen overwrites of the entire drive on a daily basis, no matter what the data size, and still be expected to last five years. Given that the vast majority of servers overwrite less than 20% of their surface a day, it is clear that an MFT enabled Mobi-3000 is an ideal solution for a broad spectrum of Servers and Workstations.

100,000 Life Cycle Graph

The following table compares the Mobi-3000 both MFT enabled and bare with the reasonable write throughput of different hard disks. It also looks at the duty cycle to complete the work shown. This, in another way, makes the point that when MFT enabled, the Mobi 3000 is just a lot faster than hard disks.

Mtron MOBI-3000 Random Writes Permissible for 5-Year Drive Life
  7,200 rpm
15,000 rpm
Maximum write throughput per day without MFT 19GB 69GB 4.7GB 9.3GB 18.7GB 37.1GB
Maximum write throughput per day with MFT n/a n/a 262GB 524GB 1,046GB 2,093GB
Hours per day needed to finish read/write activity 24.00 24.00 1.13 2.26 4.53 9.06
Drive Utilization Percentage 100% 100% 5% 9% 19% 38%
Thruput per day is based upon an average data size of 10.66kb and a read/write mix of 70% reads and 30% writes. The values shown for the 7,200 and 15,000 rpm Hard Disks are the maximum possible attainable values if these drives are run at 100% duty cycle 7x24. Values for the flash media are calculated as described here. Here, the limit to throughput is not time, but rather the number of safely available write cycles based upon a goal-life of at least five years.
Mtron MOBI-3000 Technical Specification
Mobi 3025 drive  Host Interface Interface SATA 1.0a Standard
Transfer Mode PIO mode (0~4), DMA mode (0~2), Ultra DMA mode(0~6)
 Capacity (GB) 16, 32(GB)
 Form Factor 2.5"
 Performance Average Access Time*  0.1 msec
Sustained Read**  100 MB/sec
Sustained Write**  80 MB/sec
IOPS*** (Sequential/ Random)  76,000/16,000
 Power Input Voltage 5VCC±5%
 Endurance Write Endurance  >140 years @ 50GB write per day****
Read Endurance  Unlimited
Wear-leveling algorithm  Dynamic and static wear-leveling
Data Retention  10 years at 25℃
 Reliability MTBF  1,000,000 hours
ECC  7-bit Error Correction Code (ECC)
Bad Block Management algorithm  
 Environment Operating Temperature 0~70℃
 Test Environment  1. Test Item : MSD-SATA3025 ( 2.5 , 32GB, SATA1 )
2. Test PC : AMD Athlon™ 4800+ Dual Core (2.4GHz) 1GB RAM, NVIDIA nForce 570 Ultra MCP (UDMA133/SATA2), Window XP SP2
* HD Tach 3.0.1
** ATTO Disk benchmark 2.02
*** IOMeter July 30. 2004
**** Sequential Write, 32GB Mtron SSD